Research activity

The research activity carried out in the Electronic Instrumentation Laboratory spans the following topics:

  • design and characterization of low noise front-end circuits for radiation detectors, mostly based on integrated circuit technology;
  • characterization of electronic and microelectronic devices and circuits, in particular (but not only) from the standpoint of noise, also involving the development of specific interface stages for noise amplification and measurement;
  • study and modeling of the damage induced by ionizing and non-ionizing radiation in semiconductor devices and circuits;
  • design of embedded digital systems for industrial, scientific and biomedical applications.

Following is a list of research activities in which the people at the EIL laboratory is or has been recently involved (in whose framework, interested students might want to carry out their bachelor’s or master’s thesis activity).

CMOS SPADs for charged particle detection

Gate current measurements in a 28 nm CMOS technology

Noise characterization of 110 nm CMOS technology.

LVDS transceivers and bandgap references for CMOS sensors

Front-end channel for the CMS pixel detector upgrade

Analog front-end channels for hybrid pixel X-ray detectors

Radiation damage modeling in CMOS SPAD sensors

Wireless, battery-operated radiation probe based on CMOS SPADs